Monday, April 2, 2007

Did You See Them?

justine and I spent all day Sunday outside looking for them. We scoured the sky, high and low. But, alas, nothing. But I am sure we will find them. Confident am I! You see, Saturday nite, David, my wonderful odd duck 27 year old Son called and told us he was getting married early next summer. I hear San Diego is lovely in June! I do need to learn a little about this Buddhist thing he has picked up. Wedding in the Temple. No steaks at the reception apparently. Something about no meat since he adopted a cow when he was in India recently. Anyhow we couldn't find them. I am SURE they are out there somewhere, because I remember saying "When he gets married, pigs will fly".


no_more_secrets said...

((blinks))) I saw them Sir. lil one pointed them out to me.

mfls @}-->--

Sir said... are my pet...and hugs to lil' one...WDL....yada,yada,yada