Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Farm

Spent a lot of time at the farm this weekend. The horses made it through the winter just fine(I hate horses). justine's vocation allows us some luxeries others cannot. I used to feel guilty about that, until justine gave a LOT of money to the University near here. That gets us our help at the farm. It seems to me very funny that while my name is nationally known, her brilliance affords us this lifestyle. I will continue to grovel with the degenerates of our society, affording them something most think they do not deserve. I think, while some have disgusted me, I like being a hired gun. Have Defense...Will Travel!! Hooray for the innocent...for they are my project.


Tiggr d'Amore said...


I must say, I do love horses... grew up with them, speak their language... can't imagine life without the furry ones and the wild creatures... maybe that's what makes me a Tiggr... anyway, glad to hear that you have a farm... sounds beautiful.


no_more_secrets said...

I'm glad You had a great weekend Sir.I smile every time I hear You talk about Your horses. (and your "distaste" of them)

I also like to read Your blogs offers just a little more insight into You...til then

Sir said...

I don't really hate them, I just like to complain about them. But justine LOVES them, grew up with them, speaks their....well, you know what I mean.

secrets, my pet,
you just love calling me out don't you! Don't you owe me some writing?

no_more_secrets said...

yes Sir, I'm working on it again this morning. I hope to be finished by this evening. ~smiles~

Cher said...

Good post.